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The Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts Excellence in Drawing Program was initiated to stimulate interest in the arts and to give recognition to the Delaware high school artist. We have concentrated on drawing because this is the traditional time honored method of study that ensures a strong foundation for future artistic development.




This past year we have addressed improvements and changes for the DFVA.  The Calendar and Scholarship program are the first to receive this attention.  Therefore, please read the following carefully.


All entries will be accepted electronically. All entry material - both images and paperwork must be sent to   The maximum size of the files combined cannot exceed 5MB (megabytes).  All of the paperwork; completed application forms etc. must be pasted into the body of the email with the image attachments sent in the same email.


The calendars will not be printed and mailed to schools.  Instead they will appear on the DFVA website for everyone to download and enjoy.  These changes are necessary to improve the efficiency as well as the safety of the artwork.  In addition, our costs will be greatly reduced thereby providing us additional opportunities for the students in the years ahead.


Results regarding the Scholarship recipients and the Calendar selections will be listed on our website and Art Educators will be notified by email. 


Details and entry forms follow.




·   A minimum of thirteen drawings will be selected for the 2018 Calendar.

· The”E. Jean Lanyon Award”. This is a series of private lessons given at the artist’s studio in Wilmington, DE to a 9th grader.

· The “Riva Brown Award” for excellence in lettering, calligraphy or illumination. Artwork may be submitted as part of a drawing or by itself. The award will consist of private sessions held at the artist’s studio in Wilmington, Delaware.

· The “Cynthia Swanson” award. This is a series of four private lessons given at the artist’s studio in Avondale Pennsylvania. Each lesson is 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. Student may choose from oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing, pastel, or portfolio preparation.


Note: Students receiving these awards must provide their own transportation to the artists’ studios. 




Students in grades nine through twelve who are presently attending high school in Delaware may submit drawings. Participating seniors are invited to enter the DFVA scholarship contest. Please refer to the scholarship entry instructions.




  1. Drawings must be original and the unique creation of the student.

  2. Work should be based primarily on personal observation.

  3. Only original photographs taken by the artist should be used for reference.

  4. No work may be directly copied from any published or unpublished source.

  5. Drawings may be in pencil, ink, or charcoal. Black and white scratchboard is also acceptable.

  6. Each applicant may submit one drawing.

  7. No computer artwork is eligible.




The judge will be looking for the following characteristics.  

  • Imaginative content

  • Technical drawing skill

  • Personal style



The following recommendations are made to help you submit your drawings.

  • Light pencil drawings do not reproduce well and therefore cannot be selected for the calendar.

  • Drawings labeled untitled are more vulnerable to error in the listing, handling and printing process. Use your imagination. Give all drawings a title.


Entries must be received by April 15, 2017


Send photos and forms to


Click here for the Excellence in Drawing Application. (PDF Format)






Please read the following information carefully.

The DFVA will offer five monetary scholarship awards. The recipient may use the award at any school. If the recipient chooses to go the Delaware College of Art and Design, DCAD will match the amount of the DFVA award. This will double the amount of the of the award for those students choosing to go to the Delaware College of Art and Design. The Delaware College of Art and Design, located in Wilmington Delaware, is a partnership between Pratt Institute in New York City and the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. For information about DCAD please call the school at 302-622-8000, or visit the website at





Applicants must be high school seniors attending a Delaware High School who have submitted a drawing to the DFVA Excellence in Drawing Competition, and plan to major in a visual art.

Deadline: Entries must be received by APRIL 15, 2017




$2000 First Place Award

$1000 Second Place Award

$750 Third Place Award

$500 Fourth Award

$300 Fifth Place Award


Disbursement of Awards


The DFVA will send the awards directly to the colleges or universities to be deposited into the student's account. Remember, the above amounts are doubled through the Matching Program if the student is attending the Delaware College of Art and Design. If you receive an award, you will be notified via email and you will be asked to complete paperwork for your award deposit, which will go directly into your student account at whatever college you will be attending in the fall.


Portfolio Requirements


Only two dimensional works may be submitted for consideration in the portfolio. Digital photography, graphic design and digital art entries are not permitted. Portfolios will be evaluated on the following criteria:


-individual voice

-creativity, risk and experimentation of media

-consistency of quality (but not necessarily consistency of style or subject matter)

-ambition and technical skill

The judge for the Scholarship Competition will be announced at a later time.




  1. Complete application and paste into the body of an email. Your email subject line should read:    (Your Name) DFVA Scholarship Application
  2. A letter of recommendation from your art instructor is required and should be sent electronically with all application materials in the same email.
  3. Attach 6 images, not to exceed 5MB total. Each image file should be titled as follows:                 
  4. In the body of your email, also include a numbered list of work which includes title, size and medium. The numbers in your listing should correspond to the image file # (see above).


Click here for the Art Scholarship Application (PDF Format)


Click here for the Scholarship Info Letter (PDF Format)


Click here for the College Form (PDF Format). )



Entries must be received by APRIL 15, 2017


Questions please contact:  

Phone:    302-313-6415